If you have the ambition of studying abroad, we can help you with that! Take advantage of our top-notched and seamless international student placement services. We have existing partnerships with hundreds of universities around the world where you can go to study. The comprehensive services we will be offering you in a bid to help you actualise your study abroad dreams are as follows:

Counselling & Application

Based on proper understanding of your goals, preferences, potentials and motivations, our highly experienced and professional counsellors will guide you to choose the most suitable course, career, institution and financing option. They can also recommend and/or book a suitable English Language proficiency test for you (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL or PTE) where English Language test score is required for admission to your preferred school.

Alternatively, you may opt for pre-sessional English Language course in a bid to waive presentation of a test score as condition for admission. Beyond advisory service however, we do assist you with the application process. We ensure that all your documents meet the requirements of the educational institution(s) where admission is sought, and your application is properly completed before submission.

Moreover, we follow up your application and update you about developments while under processing. We do this up to the point when your provisional admission letter is issued to you by the partnering institution.

Visa Services

You definitely need a visa to travel out of the country for your studies. Interestingly, visa application can be quite tricky and complicated with different country-specific requirements, rules and restrictions that change from time to time. In fact, even after securing admission, many visa applicants are usually denied visas and by extension the chance to study abroad. With the services of our highly experienced team, your chances of securing a study visa is enhanced up to 99%. They will assist in compiling the requisite documents, prepare you for the visa interview, advise you regarding restrictions of your study visa, and specifically, whether you are permitted to work part-time during your course, or full time after your course etc.

Travel & Accommodation

Provided you have secured a study visa, SchoolMe will assist you with your travel arrangement, including handling the ticket booking, helping with ideal departure dates, best routes and discounts, best airlines with excess baggage allowance and student packages etc. Furthermore, prior to your departure, we equally assist you to secure a suitable accommodation in your host country, which could be institution or private, depending on your preference. You will also benefit from our pre-departure briefing (PDB) which provides necessary orientation to enable you adapt and enjoy your stay in the new country.